There are many reasons a person may be eligible for Benefits Disability Insurance or Government Benefits.  You may, however, find it helpful to understand why you’d be refused SSDI or SSI payments by looking at things from a different angle. According to Alliance Law Group, there are some situations where you may be unable to exert any influence over the happenings around you. There are some circumstances in which denial can be sidestepped, but not all of them. The answer to this question is dependent on the situation.

  • Is Your Income Too High?

The most basic reason you could be denied SSDI payments is that you will be working above the limit in which it is deemed “substantial gainful activity,” which is the benefit program for workers who’ve already paid into the Social Security system for many years. If this is the case, you are not disabled because of your income.

 As long as you don’t exceed the SGA maximum of $1,310 per week in 2021, you can work a modest amount while claiming and receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (for nonblind people). Every year, the number is revised. Investment income does not contribute toward the SGA, as it does not demonstrate your ability to work; only earnings from employment do.

  • The Social Security Administration Is Unable To Locate You

The Social Security Administration (SSA) and Disability Detection Services (DDS) must be able to interact with you on your application for benefits. Your payments may be revoked if these organizations cannot get in touch with you to schedule appointments or communicate about pressing issues.

 Your representative (including an attorney) may handle your paperwork, so you may not need to contact the Social Security Administration, but you should keep in contact with your representation or attorney. Make sure the Social Security Administration (SSA) has a way to reach you if you move when your claim is being reviewed. Social Security Disability claimants are refused everywhere because the SSA cannot locate them.

  • You Don’t Want To Work Together.

Your medical record keeping is essential as part of the process of receiving benefits. Your claim will almost certainly be denied if I refuse to give the SSA access to such documents. The Social Security Administration may also want additional information about particular impairments because your doctor’s health files are lacking or you do not have a regular treating physician.

 If you’ve been denied disability benefits, the Social Security Administration may require you to undergo a consultation examination (CE) at no cost. You may be required to attend over one CE by the SSA. Your chances of being awarded disability benefits may be reduced because of insufficient medical information and failing to attend the SSA’s re-evaluation of your case.

  • Drug Abuse Or Alcoholism Is The Cause Of Your Disability

Individuals with a drug or alcohol addiction (DAA) are ineligible for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). For DDS medical consultants, the most critical consideration is whether or not the Social Security Administration (SSA) would still find you handicapped if your use of drugs or alcohol were discontinued.

  • You’ve Been Accused Of A Crime.

As a result of your criminal record or time in prison, your Social Security disability health insurance may be revoked. The following is a list of each of them.

  • If you’ve been found guilty of a crime, you’re in jail unless you’re enrolled in a rehabilitation program recognized by the court and projected to lead to your release and a job upon that release.
  • You were convicted of a criminal because you were hurt while performing a felony. Disabilities caused or worsened by a criminal conviction cannot be used to support a claim for disability payments.
  • While you were incarcerated, you sustained an injury. You can’t get benefits based on an injury or worsening of the existing injury that occurred while in prison. In most cases, however, you will be eligible for benefits once you have served your sentence.

You should apply for Social Security Disability Insurance even though one of the situations mentioned above applies to you, since if you don’t get cash assistance, you may be granted “freezing” of your earnings record so that your disability, retirement, rather than dependents benefits won’t be affected by the fact that you’re no longer working.


Disability payments can be revoked, and you may be prosecuted for fraud if you gain them through dishonest ways. Benefits can be revoked if you were the victim of SSA employee fraud that resulted in your receipt of them.