What are the most common causes of divorce?

Divorce is one of the most difficult times in the life of any couple. No one enters into the bond of marriage to separate in the future. However, some circumstances lead to such bitter experiences in life. Divorce rates have surged in the past few years. The idea of a lifelong commitment to each other has changed drastically. Divorce can be a grave experience for the family as well as a lot of the dynamics change. Children are the most affected by divorce. To minimize such an emotional impact on yourself and your family it is wise to hire a gig harbor divorce attorney who will handle the case in a manner that is beneficial for the whole family. 

The most common causes of divorce are:-

Infidelity: Infidelity is cheating on your spouse with someone else. This is the common reason for divorce today. Cheating on your partner breaks your wedding vows and the trust that was built over years. Infidelity often happens if one partner loses interest in the relationship or maybe it’s just a result of your partner’s own insecurities. 

Financial incompatibility: Money or the way finances are handled can be a factor that leads to divorce. There might be differences in opinions when it comes to shared financial goals. There are also differences in spending habits and attitudes towards money. One partner might not consult the other before making certain big purchases. Such disputes over money and financial assets often end up in divorce.

Domestic Abuse: Domestic abuse can be in any form like physical, mental, emotional, verbal, etc. towards your spouse. It also includes abuse towards the children of the family or other family members. In such instances, it is better to separate rather than go through abuse.

Incompatibility: Over the years many couples grow apart due to many reasons like lack of intimacy, less communication with each other, etc. Such incompatibility also arises from other issues like lack of shared values, marrying too young, differences in social life, etc. In such a case, couples do not have any other option than divorce.

You cannot predict life and expect everything in life to be as you want it. Divorce is one such incident. It might leave you feeling depressed, vulnerable, frustrated, etc. However, having a divorce attorney will make the divorce process less painful and simple as well. The attorney will handle your case in a manner that will give you ample time to heal yourself mentally.