Types of personal injury damages you can claim in a road accident

Road accident in California can involve motor cycle, car, truck or any other commercial vehicle or 12 passenger private vehicle. ‘What are the commercial vehicle safety laws in California?’, this question is quite relevant when you are owning a vehicle for commercial purposes. Knowing about it can help avoiding legal glitches and also ensures safety of other people and vehicles on road.

To know how to get money from a motorcycle accident without a lawyer in California basis commercial vehicle safety law, you must know about the laws, the requirements for putting claim and also about the damages that qualify for compensation. Check Attention lawyers: Contact Brad Nakase if you need seo strategy for lawyers, if you are an insurance lawyer and want to be available to clients more than often

There are certain damages which can be claimed without a lawyer, and there are others where lawyer can help. Let’s understand each and every type of damage that one is likely to go through in a road accident involving commercial vehicle.

  • Pain and suffering: You can claim damage from the culprit if the accident has caused you extreme pain and suffering. Rear-end hits lead to various kinds of personal injuries such as whiplash, back injury, seatbelt bruises, spinal injury and so on. Recovering from impact is a big challenge. You suffer physically as well as mentally.

People become psychologically weak and do not muster courage to go again to drive when accident happens. The mental suffering, certainly, amount to damage as it affects the ways of generating income for the self, leading to financial loss.

  1. Medical expenses: Getting medical treatment is a costly affair. As someone involved in an accident, you need to ensure that you are not at fault to claim financial damage caused by medical expenses. Many people who want to evade legal processes agree to pay for the medical expenses off court. If you are a victim, your culprit should take the responsibility of paying medical expenses. In case of refusal, you may turn to insurance company and eventually to the court, if you are not a wrong-doer. It is advisable to keep record of medical bills, and also that of pictures of accident to prove your case in the event of approaching the court for claiming damage.
  2. Lost wages: Injuries of serious nature make people incapable of working during recuperation period. Sometimes, the person becomes disabled for life if the injury is of irreversible nature. This leads to loss of job and so it is a serious damage worth fighting for. Californian law has no upper cap for the claim amount for the damage of this kind. It, therefore, should be dealt with added caution and sincerity so that the case is not lost. The victim has to be prove the culprit to be at fault in order to recover lost wages damage.
  3. Rental cars: Damage to rental cars causes multifold loss to the owner. The very source of income is gone as car cannot be put for rent if the damage is big. Garage expenses add to the pain too. Insurance companies can provide cover for the damage occurred. But, if it is not sufficient, it is advisable to move to the court to hold the culprit responsible and make him pay for the damage.
  4. Loss of companionship: This is a damage recognized under CA vehicle safety and road accident law. A person who loses a friend or companion to an accident can claim for the personal loss caused due to it.

It is important to follow time limits for filing the case to get advantage of Californian Road Safety laws, else it can hit back badly.

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