Top 5 good solutions for cold email

It’s amazing how much respect for a person’s persona means. The world seems quite cynical, and everyone is used to looking for easy gain and very little respect for tradition. Many people generally consider referring to “you” as a completely pointless waste of time. But as the practice of marketers in the field of e-mailing shows, everything is quite the opposite.

That’s why it is worth using respect for a person’s personality even in the subject line. A good subject line for cold emails makes use of these human weaknesses. But not by playing on them, but simply by reaffirming the susceptibility to an understandable desire to remain a person who is respected even by a stranger.

“You are invited…”

It’s a good marketing ploy to start the subject line with this phrase, or even to end it with just a date. The potential buyer or bite at least read the subject line to the end, and then even look at the letter. This is almost a success. But it’s not out of the question that, thanks to respectful treatment, he might actually come

– to a sale;

– an auction;

– a presentation.

And most importantly, he will order or buy the product/service!

“Three Tips for You…”

This is quite a clear and convenient way to convey information, and at the same time personalize it. On the one hand, here lies a clever marketing ploy, because in fact these tips are made for all potential buyers or customers. But the very form of its presentation already sets up the fact that people are likely to finish reading the headline and probably try to read the proposal. It’s always good to get smarter and more experienced, right?

“Can I help you…”

Help and participation are always important. Even if a person is well off in terms of money and possibilities. There is always something missing for complete happiness. And then there is someone who wants to help. Isn’t that a good reason to communicate?

It is important to specify the important parameters of such participation in the subject line of the letter. Or on the contrary, intrigue and reveal this help already in the letter.

“I hope you will help…”

A mirror form of getting attention. The principle of just promo is proportionally aimed at getting more attention and emphasizing the power, intelligence, and talents of the potential client. Indeed, everyone thinks they are all-powerful and the smartest, the professional in most things.

“Don’t miss…”

It is important to approach the person with a specific and important offer, but at the same time intrigue them with the benefit they will receive from the communication and interaction. This is a standard marketing thing that seemingly everyone knows. But so far it has been working reliably to attract new customers. Try inserting such a phrase and expand the circle of customers.