Tips To Ensure You’re los angeles printing The Right Size Tuck-Top Box

Tuck top boxes are the perfect way to package and protect your product. They’re great for showcasing large fragile items like artwork, lamps, and dishes. Made from a sturdy and durable material, it’ll be able to withstand any bumps from delivery without being damaged. Here are some tips on how to ensure you’re los angeles printing the right size tuck-top box.

Why You Need ATuck-Top Box

Tuck-top boxes are a great way to present and protect your product. They’re perfect for large and fragile items like artwork, lamps, and dishes. Made from a durable material, your tuck-top box will be able to withstand any bumps from delivery without being damaged.

What Are The Best Printing Sizes For Tuck-Top Boxes?

The best printing size for a tuck top box is 11×8.5 inches.

What Is The Best Type Of Paper For Tuck-Top Boxes?

If you want to print your tuck-top boxes on recycled paper, you can choose from a variety of options. You can select a black and white or full color printing. If you choose to use full color printing, you’ll need to add $0.15 per box in additional printing costs. If you’re using a black and white printer, the extra cost will only be $0.10 per box.

What Is The Best Size Tuck-Top Box?

The best size tuck-top box is 11×8.5 inches (12×9 inches if you are printing on premium paper). This size allows for 4 boxes per 8.5×11 page which means the most expensive paper will only cost you $0.36 per box!

Designing Your Tuck-Top Box

When designing your tuck-top box, you’ll need to know the size of the product that you’re planning on the packaging.

You’ll also need to know the depth and width of the product so you can design a tuck-top box that will be able to fit it without any issues. The depth and width of the tuck-top box directly correlate with its height. For example, if your tuck top box is 10x10x4 inches, then it would be perfect for a 4x4x4 foot product.

Printing Your Tuck-Top Box

When los angeles printing a tuck-top box, you want to take into account the height and width of your product. You don’t want to have a box that’s too small or too large for what you’re trying to showcase.

And, when printing your tuck-top box, understand how it works. The top flap folds over the front panel and the back panel instead of sliding in from the left side. In addition, when folding your tuck-top boxes, leave an inch or two of space so that when the item is inside it doesn’t get folded down on itself.


Whether you’re looking for a tuck-top box to give as a gift, store your business cards, or use as a display, it’s important to know the right size and to do your design work accordingly. The dimensions of the tuck-top box will determine how it looks and how it’s used. With these tips, you’ll be able to produce the best tuck-top box for your project.