The Most Versatile civil construction course

Construction is global and a never-ending phenomenon, whether it is for public, corporates or government, requires enormous skills and in-depth knowledge. Accordingly, number of young aspirants willing to join and excel in civil construction profession, enrol themselves for a suitable civil construction course.

There are various institutes in Australia like MultiSkills Training that conduct courses in civil construction.

Importance and scope of civil construction courses

The prime objective of a civil constriction course facilitates students to study and help acquire insight of civil construction as well as practical training.

The civil construction course encompasses construction, design, construction process as well as maintenance of previous constructions in sectors like:

  • Buildings
  • Railways
  • Roads and Highways
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels

In addition, students doing civil construction course gather knowledge about construction, maintenance and repairs of Water Reservoirs and Dams besides various other infrastructure like Airports and Shipyards etc.

After the completion of course, you will be able to work with civil engineers, builders, project managers and architects and plan, design and carryout construction work in all types of major or minor projects.

Qualified students may also become a building associate or civil construction supervisor as well as pursue advance courses like civil construction design or surveying.

Interested candidates may begin a course in construction with a Certificate II and then Certificate III civil construction course and shape as well as further advance their career with a Diploma and then Advanced Diploma level and acquire senior leadership positions in future.

Career opportunities following civil construction course include working as:

  • Civil construction designer, draftsman or contractor
  • Civil construction mobile plant worker
  • Civil works Supervisor
  • Surveyor for land, mining
  • Surveying technician and draftsman
  • Building Inspector


Civil construction course

The civil construction course organized by many, government approved, institutions in Australia provides specialized and required education and practical training through knowledgeable and skilled professional faculty members.

As far as programs in the civil construction course are concerned, one may begin one’s career enrolling in Certificate II and then Certificate III Civil Construction or Certificate III Scaffolding courses by enrolling in some reputed institute such as MultiSkills Training in Australia.

The civil construction courses are usually self-funded; however, for specific students these can be funded by government, under Skills First Program for eligible students as well.

For a government funded civil construction course, the students need not pay anything but for being eligible one has to be a resident of Australia or New Zealand or holder of permanent residency in Australia i.e., permanent Australian visa.

For enrolling in any civil construction course, the basic academic requirements include minimum 18 years age and completion of Year 12 studies or equivalent.

A civil construction course for Certificate II will provide you the basics of civil construction for plants and designs whereas coded as RII30820, a Certificate III in Civil Construction (Plant operations or design) enables students to:

  • Read and interpret plans besides calculating and measuring specifications
  • Plan civil construction project specifications
  • Create safe working environment
  • Operate small plant and equipment like rollers and excavators
  • Implementing traffic management plans

Considering the existence of various opportunities, youngsters interested in pursuing career in construction industry, may get enrolled in the most reputed MultiSkills Training in Australia for their preferred civil construction course to understand the basics of civil construction profession in depth.