The Many Industries That Rely on Mobile Crane Hire

The mobile crane hire sector provides essential lifting services for many industries and without this service, many businesses would not be able to provide the services that they offer. The heavy lifting teams work tirelessly in the background to ensure that heavy industry meets its deadlines and here are just a few of the industries that they support.

  • The Mining Industry – Many mining companies rely heavily on mobile crane hire in Perth to lift heavy equipment into place and they have to work at all hours of the day and night, as mining is a 24/7 industry. Mining is a tough business and the machinery is really put through its paces and without a round-the-clock crane hire firm in their corner, the mining company would be in serious trouble.
  • Wharf & Port Activities – Another heavy industry that relies on crane hire; there are times when the permanent cranes are out of commission and every now and then, they require a specialist heavy lifting team to handle extra-large cargo loading and unloading. This could be required at any time of the day or night and with 24/7 access to experienced heavy-lifting teams, all consignments can be handled according to schedule. If, for example, a heavy piece of equipment cannot be loaded, the ship will lose its place in the queue and that costs both time and money.
  • Locomotives – These heavy machines often need to be lifted onto the track and that demands precision lifting with the right heavy equipment. A complete refit or recondition requires that the engine is taken off the rails and put into a special dock and that means specialist heavy lifting, which is provided by a heavy lifting division of an established crane hire company.
  • Industrial Plant – The steel and gas sectors are just two of the industries that rely totally on heavy lifting teams who are contracted by the month and are always ready to leap into action. Transformers often blow up, which can put a halt to all activity; this is when you need a heavy lifting crew who can quickly handle the replacement process.

The above are just some of the industries that rely on crane hire and if you have just finished building your dream yacht in the back garden, you will need mobile crane hire, which can be found with a Google search. Whatever your lifting needs, your local mobile crane hire firm has you covered.