Steps to follow after slip and fall accident

Slip and fall can happen anytime. There is premise liability available in case you were seriously hurt after the fall. You can avail the compensation for the pain and suffering. For this, a personal injury lawyer can help you. You can also follow the below steps after the accident to build a legal case.

Avail Medical Treatment. It is your priority to seek medical help. The health of you and loved one is important. Hence, consult a doctor following a slip, trip, and fall accident. Also, a doctor can help in documenting the injuries. The test and medical records will work as evidence for seeking compensation for pain and injuries.

Report about the fall or slip.  You may have fallen at a sidewalk or in a hotel. It is necessary to report the accident to the manager or owner. You should get the details of the incident in writing. Request the manager to write down the report for same and keep a copy with you.

Check the area where the accident took place– It is helpful to survey the place where the accident happens. You can take the photographs too if possible. Collect the details gathered so that it works as evidence.

Document all the evidence. It is suggested that the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses collected are documented. Take the statement of potential witnesses and keep it as a record. It is useful in proving the claim if any legal cases happen. Also, click the pictures of the location where you fell. The photographs of icy patches, stairs or any scenario is essential as it has contributed to the accident. Also, with that mention in the document what activity you were doing before and after the accident. You should also add the exact time, date and other details of the accident.

Do not share details. You should keep calm after the accident. Personal injury lawyeradvises limiting communication. Also, avoid posting details on social media. You should not give any information to an insurance company or manager or any other party until you have consulted a lawyer. It is good to avoid blaming anyone.

Talk with the lawyer. If you are interested to file the case, the best person to help you is an expert lawyer. It is difficult to prove cases of slip and fall cases. These are complex and thus, you should consult a law firm. With their experience, knowledge, and successful track record you can get the compensation. Many people in such case are not sure whether they require an attorney or not. But you get help in paperwork and within less time you case gets solved.