Moving To Cornelius? A Guide To The Top 5 Best Neighborhoods To Settle In

Popular for its luxurious yet suburban touch, Cornelius is a haven for everyone seeking a solitary location but near modern amenities. With its stunning climate, outdoor opportunities, and high-end properties, Cornelius has everything you’ll need for a prestigious lifestyle. However, homes for sale in Cornelius hardly stay on the market since numerous fierce buyers flock to the market yearly. It’s therefore critical to partner with a local realtor to better understand everything Cornelius real estate market entails. This guide provides you with a glimpse of the best Cornelius neighbourhoods where you can opt to buy your dream home.

1.     The Peninsula

In the entire Lake Norman Area, the Peninsula is arguably the neighbourhood to purchase a home. Set throughout the lake, this community boasts world-class golf courses, tennis courts, and a marina. This prestigious upscale Cornelius neighbourhood has many large and elegant homes alongside other perks and amenities.  The 35,000-square-foot Peninsula Club encompasses a swimming pool, massage spa, and entertainment joints for the kids. Furthermore, this affluent neighborhood is located a few miles from the city allowing residents to have access to modern amenities.

2.     100 Norman Place

For anyone contemplating buying a home in Cornelius, their key focus is to find a property that offers stunning views of Lake Norman. Fortunately, 100 Norman Place is quaint with many phenomenal homes of different sizes and architectural designs. Here, you will enjoy onsite amenities, boat slips, and easier access to the lake. Whether looking for traditional, transitional, or contemporary homes, this neighborhood has sufficient options for you. Additionally, this neighbourhood is suitable for anyone looking for a family-friendly home near the lake.

3.     Jetton Cove

Renowned as a pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood, Jetton Cove is popular with many homebuyers seeking to lead a private lifestyle. Its stunning architecture includes single-family homes, townhomes, and modern estates. Also, the area is located a short drive from the famous Jetton Park which is a hub for mountain bike trails, tennis games, and picnic sites. Besides, this neighbourhood offers a clubhouse, swimming pool, and playgrounds with beautiful views of the Lake.

4.     Crown Harbor

If you want to enjoy a suburban lifestyle in its fullness, don’t hesitate to check out the Crown Harbor. Here, you will not only experience the energetic culture of Cornelius but will also be amazed by the stunning architectural designs envisaged in this neighbourhood. This waterfront family-friendly community holds fun activities like water sports and fishing competitions. If you’re considering investing in the Cornelius real estate market, the Crown Harbor neighbourhood is worth checking.

5.     Robbins Park

Nestled at the heart of Cornelius, this charming neighbourhood has stunning homes, a park, and nature walking trails. If you’re a nature enthusiast, you’ll love living in Robbins Park. Besides its huge green space, this neighbourhood has several playgrounds, tennis courts, picnic areas, and a golf course. In addition, the area has proximity to the shopping center meaning residents will have no shortage of things to do.

Finding Your Cornelius Dream Home With Charlie And Nancy Zylstra

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