Indoor Air Contaminants In Your Place Of Business

If your job requires you to work inside of an industrial warehouse for extended periods of time, it is imperative that your building have an appropriate and reliable system in place for monitoring air quality. Indoor air contaminants (IACs) thrive in these environments and can make their way into your place of business with ease.

From vehicles producing carbon monoxide to fuel combustion being responsible for carbon dioxide, these risks can be avoided through attention to detail and measurements of air quality among other solutions. Kelair Dampers has provided a succinct infographic going over common IACs, the risks that poor indoor air quality brings, and how to improve the situation for your business to make sure the health and well-being of everyone involved is taken care of.

To read more on how you can do this, please see the provided resource.

Infographic created by Kelair Dampers, specialists in industrial ductwork