How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney in Phoenix Defend Your Probation Violation Charges

If you are from Phoenix and have a probation violation charge on your name, it simply means your freedom is at stake. There are six classes of Phoenix, Arizona felonies, out of which five are punishable by probation.

A violation charge in Phoenix can potentially result in other possible harsher sentences. Even if your original conviction in the Phoenix legal system is weak, probation violation charges can be harsher. Only an experienced criminal defense attorney Phoenix can help you out of the probation violation charges.

Here are some ways in which the criminal attorney can defend your case:

Strong Defense during Hearing

Probation violation being a severe offense in Phoenix, Arizona; you may face jail time or even be sentenced to prison depending on your criminal charge. Probation violation occurs when you fail to adhere to the terms of probation ordered by the judge.

If you are in such a situation, only a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix can help the judge understand your side of the story. So if you face a violation hearing in the courtroom, the prosecuting lawyer will have all the means and reasons to penalize you.

When you hire a local criminal defense attorney, you will get a strong legal representation to take your reasons forward for violating the probation. The defense will save you from serving additional sentencing or loss of probation in Phoenix.

Refuting the Violation

In case there are witnesses to your violation, and they appear in the hearing, then there are high chances for you to face the charges of involvement. The witness may even implicate you without truly witnessing you in the first place.

During such cases, you will still face violation hearings, and it is essential to refute your charges during that time. Only an experienced criminal attorney in Phoenix, who is familiar with the Phoenix and Arizona court system, can help present the information to the prosecution and judge in a convincing way.

Only then will the judges be able to understand the issues better and refute the violation.

They Will Prep You before the Hearing

You and the attorney must be on the same page before attending the hearing. A good criminal defense attorney in Phoenix will prep you in your testimony before the judge.

It will help the defense to be more convincing with all the information on the open. When everything is clear, the arguments will go well, and the consequences of the violation can be mitigated to an extent.

Will Provide Legal Advice

When you face violation hearing at Phoenix, it can be challenging to wiggle out of the charges as it is considered a severe offence in all Arizona cities. Facing the jury alone will not help you avoid incarceration.

Only a criminal defense attorney will be able to win the case. Either you committed the crime or not, the local attorney will give you the best legal advice on proceeding with the hearing. They can decrease the chances of the opposing lawyers’ arguments by helping you stand firm on your reasoning.

According to reports, 45% of state prisons including Arizona are the result of probation or parole violations due to new crime or technical violations.

If you or anyone close to you is facing probation violation charges in Phoenix or any other city in Arizona, it is high time you reach out to a reliable criminal defense attorney from Phoenix to represent you.