High Paying Modern Jobs to Elevate Your Assets

Hard work is the key to generating wealth and providing for yourself and your family. If you want advice on which jobs will give you the best rewards, then you have come to the right place.

Isn’t it funny that the harder you work, the luckier you seem to get? A strong work ethic is what can turn a moderately wealthy family into a rich family. If you have the right ideas, a good network, and enough starting capital, you can do just about anything. But which jobs will help you achieve that reliable starting capital? Try the following modern day jobs to earn enough to go on and make your fortune.

High Paying Jobs To Build a Nest Egg With

You may become so comfortable in these well-paying roles that you decide to stay in them and keep earning. In the meantime, these well-salaried roles will help you build that savings pot.

Accountant Jobs

Accountant jobs are high paying but meticulous. You need a great head for figures and organisational skills enough to display them accurately. The average salary for an accountant in Ireland is just shy of €50,000. That’s great money for an indoor job with no heavy lifting. Accountants tally up the yearly figures for each client they represent. They can pass this information on to the tax department on your behalf.

Bookkeepers Jobs

A bookkeeper is likely to work for the business itself rather than an agency, but it does happen. These people look after the daily comings and goings of a business. They mark down profits taken, record expenses outgoing, and manage the paperwork in receipts and invoices. Keeping your own bookkeeper means the columns of figures will be in perfect working order when the accountant shows up. It also means you have full knowledge of what cash flow your business has at any given time. The bookkeeper earns slightly less than an accountant does, but that doesn’t make them any less important.

Web Developers

A web developer will never be out of work for as long as the virtual marketplace exists. Thousands of new websites go live every day, with the old ones mounting up and never really gone. If you can figure out how to craft the websites companies need to perfectly portray their business, then you win at web development.

App Developers

Applications have integrated themselves as the modern tech answer to old world computer files. If you develop an addictive app with in-game spending and a few ads, you could strike millions. Everyone laughed at Candy Crush and look where they are now… Level 3 billion and fifty two.

Data Analyst

A data analyst has the skills to examine a businesses overall data and use it to spot problems, make predictions, and issue advice on where to make improvements. They can even tailor make a strategy that should help keep your business on track.

Which Qualifications will lead to a Career in Finance or Technology?

Start with a foundation in computing or management. A degree in science, business or specific computing subjects (such as coding or software design) will also help.

In this sector, employers favour experience. Apprenticeships, internships, and entry level roles while you study will all help you build an inviting CV.