Few Good Questions That You Must Ask Your Professional Carpet Cleaners

When customers contact a professional carpet cleaner for the first time, they may have many questions about the safety of their carpet.

The best thing to do is to find carpet cleaning contractor near you about whom you can get enough feedback from your neighbours or any other people in your community. The best thing would be to hire a reputed cleaner, but the following are few questions that you may ask him.

1.     How long the whole cleaning will take?

This is the most obvious question that any customer will like to ask. Often there may be too much rush with the carpet cleaner and hence he may offer a date that may not meet your schedule.

2.     How much time will my carpets need to dry?

Carpet usually takes some amount of time after the professional cleaning that depends upon the type of cleaning as well as the fibre used in your carpet. Your carpet cleaner can answer that.

3.     Will my carpet after a cleaning get shrink?

There are chances of shrinking of your carpet fiber after the professional cleaning however that depends upon the quality of fiber too. Carpet cleaner based on his experience can offer the best answer.

4.     Will the stains return back once the carpet dries?

This is a valid question as often it has been found that a few deep stains get removed after cleaning, however when carpets dry up then the stain remains slightly visible. Therefore, it will good to ask this question.

5.     Are your cleaners safe for my children and pets?

Often many carpet cleaners may use certain tough chemicals to clean the carpet that may be harmful to young children as well as pets. By asking this question you will know how a professional cleaner will take care of that.

6.     What preparations are needed from my end before sending for cleaning?

Many carpet cleaners may help you to move your heavy furniture to take your carpet, while few of them expect that should be done by you. Therefore, it will be nice to clarify that before you call them.

7.     How often should my carpet be cleaned?

Usually, a carpet needs cleaning after every year, however, that depends upon your family size and how you use and maintain them. If you have young kids and pets at home then you may need a little more frequent cleaning.

8.     Will your cleaning result void my warranty?

If the carpet cleaner is using any strong chemicals then perhaps your warranty may not remain valid. Therefore, it is good to ask your carpet cleaner whether they will use organic cleaner or any strong chemicals.

9.     Will you offer any guarantee?

It is good to ask your carpet cleaner what kind of guarantee or warranty that he will offer after his cleaning and what are the terms and conditions.

If you have any more questions that your carpet cleaner could not offer any satisfactory answer then you can do a little research to explore here to find the answer to your questions.

Carpet cleaning is a process you should know about. Here’s everything you need to know from start to finish. Read on to know more about carpet cleaning in magnolia services!