Duplex Steel pipe applications

Duplex Steel Pipe applications include low cost low end domestic water lines to high cost high end aerospace hydraulic piping. Duplex is a stainless steel material that consists of austenitic and ferritic steel components equally in its microstructure. The metallurgic properties of the combination of these two provide some special qualities. Duplex steel applications prefer the material mainly for the corrosion resistance and high strength. Duplex steel is particularly resistant to chloride ion corrosion cracking. This property allows the material to be used in sea water and marine industries. The duplex steel pipe material differs. There are different kinds of duplex steel. The major types are standard duplex, super duplex and the lean duplex grades. The pipes are governed by different standards and pressure classes.

 Depending on the pressure containment requirement of the applications, the different pressure classes are selected. The alloying materials play a role in making the different alloys. Chromium and molybdenum are the most used elements for duplex steel alloys. The addition of chromium and molybdenum bring about the lightweight and the high strength properties in duplex stainless steel pipe. The different grades also have different mechanical properties other than strength and pressure capacities. High chromium alloy grades such as the 2205 have higher corrosion resistance and pitting resistance. It also has high yield strength. As a result, it is used in a host of applications such as the marine equipment, pulp and paper industry, biofuel plants, etc. The Duplex 2205 Pipe prices deviate from supplier to supplier and depend on the market factors as well.