Do You Know About These Hidden Costs Of A Car Wreck?

Even the smallest car accidents can cost thousands of dollars in damages. In the best-case scenario, you may have a few dents on your car. In severe cases, your vehicle might need several major repairs or even be totaled. Additionally, you might have injuries that require treatment. Moreover, insurance is not always enough to cover all the damages. 

Many victims of car crashes are surprised by the hidden car accident costs that come to the surface later. It can be hard to know what costs to add when totaling your damages after an accident. This is why it is important to hire Orem Personal Injury Lawyers to recover the maximum possible compensation. 

Hidden costs of a car wreck 

  • Vehicle rental. 

While your car is getting repaired at the repair shop, you will need to rent a vehicle or opt for private transport services like Uber and Lyft to commute to and from work, college, and every time you need to go out. While many insurance companies cover these costs, not all of them do. Review your insurance policy to find out what it covers and what it does not. 

  • Towing costs. 

After your car accident, you cannot simply leave your vehicle on the road. It might create inconvenience for the other drivers and may even result in another accident. Most victims do not realize that towing a car can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on how far your car needs to travel and the towing company. 

  • Vehicle titling and registration costs. 

In serious accidents, your vehicle may no longer be in a state to get repaired. In that case, you may have to get it totaled, prompting you to buy a new car. As someone who has bought a vehicle, you should not forget the vehicle titling and registration costs. These costs are not high but can be included in the hidden costs. 

  • Surprise car repairs. 

Most of the damage is obvious when you take your broken car to the repair shop. However, there may be various internal mechanical damages that might be discovered later on. These surprise findings can lead to several repair costs, such as changing the seats or headlights. You must ensure your car is completely repaired and safe before you head out on the road. 

  • Diminished vehicle value. 

You can take your broken vehicle to the best repair shop in Orem and spend thousands of dollars on repairs. However, you cannot change the fact that your car has an accident history. It will have a diminished value in the market and make it less attractive among potential buyers.