Busting Common Myths About Pest Control in Alamo Heights

You have found initial signs of pest invasion in your Alamo Heights home. What’s next? You may want to browse the internet for a few DIY pest control hacks or go to the supermarket to find sprays and chemicals. Sadly, neither would resolve your problem. Texas is home to many types of pests, and while you may manage to kill a few bugs or insects, you would never understand the extent of infestation without calling a company for pest control Alamo Heights. Do you really need professional services? What are the common myths related to pests and professional services? We are answering some of these questions below. 

Myth 1: You only need pest control when you have an infestation

Pests are known to cause damage to buildings and structures and can carry diseases. Just because you haven’t spotted a bug at home doesn’t mean you don’t have a problem. Preventive pest control is important for every home so that there’s no chance of infestation in the first place. Many local services in Alamo Heights have maintenance contracts, which you should consider. 

Myth 2: You don’t have to deal with rats if you have a cat at home

Cats can possibly catch a mouse, but that doesn’t mean that these rodents won’t find a way back to your home. Rats and mice are known to hide, and your cat would only chase one when visible in the open. If you have found signs of rodents, call pest control immediately instead of expecting an episode of Tom and Jerry. 

Myth 3: Pest control is expensive

Pests can be evasive, and it takes longer to eliminate a few species. The cost of pest control largely depends on the nature and extent of the infestation. If you have observed a few signs, get the professionals to fix the problem before the situation worsens. You would be surprised to know how quickly some pests can multiply.

Myth 4: You have pests at home because your space is “dirty”

Bugs and insects go far in search of food. It doesn’t matter whether your space is unclean. If you leave food sources within easy access of pests, the infestation is very likely. Also, while hygiene may not be the only factor for infestation, it is important to get rid of clutter in the house. More clutter means more hiding spaces for pests and rodents. 

Call pest control now for a free inspection of your home. 

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